The Gladiator Competition for school students from Class 6 to 12th

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Introduction :: “At bottom, robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives, of wondering how we work” 


Problem statement:

            The objective of this competition is to build a robot which can overcome the obstacles on the way towards conquering region. The path is filled with multiple obstacles which includes multiterrains, steps, slopes, sand, gravels, water and much more. The robot should be capable of rolling on land, roving on water and surviving impact forces on it. The robot which overcomes all the obstacles and reaches the conquering place will be the Gladiator of the event. 

Event format :

 The event consists of two rounds.

 Round 1 will be the semi-finals. And the second round will be the Finals.

 Each team should have a multi-terrain robot capable of overcoming the obstacles. The team who survives the semi-finals will be qualifying for the Finals.

 Each team gets 2 trials on each round.

 Specific time will be given to repair the bot in the arena.

 The teams which comes out with top cumulative score at the end of the semi-finals will be selected for the final round.

 Those teams selected for the final round will be tested for the knowledge on their robot configurations. 

The event consists of 3 rounds.

Team Game :

A Team of Max 5 members can participate in this competition


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