About Us

          With the advent of eCommerce, globally, the customer experience driven business delivery models continue to rule the game with focus to scalable and optimal success frames.Presence of eCommerce continues to expand amongst emerging economies (especially in the South East Asian Regions).   The main reason is on account of the increasing knowledge and trust  amongst the shoppers, with easy search, easy bargain, window shopping on the net, easy comparison of prices, feedback about products, and timely delivery at door step from a “single window service provider”.

           Ecomnex Solutions Private Limited is a Service Provider, established to  deliver products and services for the growing needs and the critical success focus  connecting the supplier with the consumer in “One click”. Ecomnex team, with its combined experience of over 100 man years, is all set to deliver niche and quality services to the end user.  Ecomnex is strategically focused to  design and deliver multiple streams of products and services “with a single window” approach through web servicing vide local partners, with a mission of ensuring the right product and reducing the delivery cycle of the materials ordered. Ecomnex has established a scalable and integrating approach with a sequential product launch and related service and comes with a global view to providing customer experience and assurance to service levels..Ecomnex has started the journey and to start with, we are promoting one of the most needed support for in providing the right quality and priced accessories for day to day usage of digital products through Access4digital – a one stop venue for all digital accessories.

           Access4digital is an exclusive e-outlet for accessories for all electronic gadgets and instruments and powered by Ecomnex Solutions Private Limited. It aims to cater to the needs of wider spectrum of audience from a common man to corporate, covering all four regions in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan and fast growing and gearing up to serve the South East Asia region. Access4digital’s proposition is to customize and provide a perfect blend of quality and turnaround time for every product it campaigns for, in this ever changing market place.

          Accordingly, there are specialists in this field who are assigned with responsibility to ensure quality assessment and value for money measurement criteria from time to time with changing needs of the customers and for every new release to the market. Additional feature coming your way from Access4digital is a good market comparator with international reviews on 1200+ different product lines supporting gadgets. Access4digital comes with a sleek search feature and easy access to the products or services you look for and do tell us your experience and suggestions in our ……… The battery search feature in the product is one of the first of its kind in the market and nearly places your requirements at a blink. While Access4digital aims to give you a complete experience of look and feel of the product, we back it with a live product showroom in the following places in India by direct and retailers focused in this business.

          In addition, to assure you of the best of the product and service levels, we have toll free support; Do call us in +91 9962000092 or mail  to us   service@access4digital.incustomer support executives who are trained in providing you with the right guidance between 10.00am till 5.00pm (IST )on all weekdays including Saturdays.

You can also see us in most of the road shows and promo events with the launch of our products live.

Access4digital has an in-house  end-to-end control over the entire ecosystem of e-commerce including web technologies, merchandising, logistics and customer service.

Meet us at www.access4digital.in